1. We have a wide range of capabilities, making us your full-service, single source, supply chain
    partner for surgical instruments and implants. We are well-positioned to support all of your program
    requirements from early stage prototyping through high-speed production, providing expertise in
    manufacturing, and assuring a successful product launch every time. Our facility and technical staff
    offer capabilities and competence in the following areas:
    CNC Mill/Turn Multi-Task Machines (9 and B-axis)

    CNC Mills (5-axis)

    CNC Horizontal Mills (5-axis)

    CNC High Speed Mills

    CNC Swiss Style Machines (7-axis)

    CNC Traub Swiss Style Machines (13-axis)

    CNC Turning Centers (C- axis)

    CNC EDM Plunge/Wire/Drilling

    Laser Cutting

    Laser Welding
    Laser Marking

    Mechanical Assembly

    Heat Treating


    Comprehensive Deburr and Finishing

    Multiple CMM and Video Measurement Systems

    Expansive Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility

    Packaging and Labeling

    Anodization, Plating and other finishes

    Automatic Bar Loading, Material Handling
    and Pallet Shuttles
  2. 10,000 square foot facility
    dedicated to medical
    device manufacturing.
    Parts cleaning/packaging
    cell and inventory
    management services.
    CNC machining including
    multi-axis advanced turning,
    milling and EDM.
    World class quality
    managements systems for
    medical device markets.
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